Candidates for Eye Lid Surgery

Candidates for Eye Lid Surgery

Candidates for Eye Lid Surgery

Candidates for Eye Lid Surgery

October 15, 2020

Have you ever considered going for blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery? Surgeons conduct this surgery on their patients to remove skin, fat, or muscle in the upper or lower eyelids. This is cosmetic surgery, so people who go through it want to improve their appearance. However, some conditions might lead to a doctor prescribing this surgery in the event that the eyelids are affecting their patients’ vision.

When done properly, an eyelid exam is sure to build the confidence of a patient by improving his or her appearance. Since this surgery does not change the structure of the face, an individual should discuss his or her goals with the surgeon before signing up for it.

The ideal candidates for this surgery are healthy adults above the age of 35. These people should have the desire to get rid of the droopy or baggy appearance of their eyelids. However, if an individual is in a family where droopy eyes are prevalent, he or she can have the surgery much earlier.


Options to Consider Before the Surgery


Although eyelid surgery is a great way of getting rid of the excess skin or fat in the eyelids, it is important to consider if its alternatives will work for you.

Many surgeons encourage their patients to try Botox since the procedure lifts the eyebrows. This lift leads to a significant reduction in the sagging skin on the upper eyelid. Repeating this treatment as a need arises will help maintain the desired look.

Surgeons also encourage their patients to go for fractional eyelifts before surgery. This process seeks to tighten the eyelids through the creation of a wound around it. As the eyelid heals, the skin tightens.


Could Surgery Be Your Best Option?


Talk to your surgeon about all the available options before undergoing surgery. However, if your surgeon arrives at surgery as being the best option for you, the following could have informed his or her advice.

If the fat deposits on the upper eyelids are excess and are causing puffiness, then surgery is the best way around it. Also, surgery is good if the skin is sagging so much that it is affecting the upper eyelid’s contour and affecting vision. Excess wrinkling, droopiness, and bags on the lower eyelid will go away following eyelid surgery. You must also be in good health, have realistic expectations of the procedure, and not be a smoker for the surgeon to be convinced that surgery is your best course of treatment.


People Who Are Bad Candidates for Eyelid Surgery


If you think that you are a good candidate for eyelid surgery, but your surgeon thinks otherwise, he or she may advise against it because of a number of reasons.

If the issue you want to correct with the surgery has no direct relationship with the surgery, this surgery is not for you. For example, people with uneven eyes should not go for this surgery. Also, people hoping to correct drooping eyebrows with eyelid surgery might end up making the condition even worse.

If you are suffering from any type of eye disease, an eye infection, or dry eye, then this surgery is not for you. Also, if you have another unrelated illness or infection, or if you smoke, then you are better off looking for other solutions.


If you want to find out more about eyelid surgery and whether you are a good candidate for the same, visit Maine Coast Eye Care at our offices in Rockport, Maine. You can also call 207-887-0022 to book an appointment.

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